Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back to School

After Christmas break, we just finished our 2nd week of homeschool, and Stan finished his first week back. The kids and I will be going a little bit longer this year with full-time school, since we have gone out of town so many times. I doubt we will miss out on time at the pool, however, because the pools open a couple weeks later here.
Stan is enjoying his classes: Liturgics, Church History, Dogmatics, Gospels 1, and Greek Readings. Soon he will be working on a paper comparing two different Lutheran scholars' views on Biblical innerancy. I have the benefit of hearing his thoughts about what he is learning. Now we have come full circle-when we married we were both in school, and now he is back in school and I teach it. We are really all about school in this family, I think :).
It is always good to get back into the school routine again after a break, although this is the "plodding" time of year. The newness of the the school year has worn off, and the hustle and bustle of the holidays is past. It has been cold for a while, and we are look forward to warmer weather (which won't come for a while, here!). However, we are actually hoping we get another big snow, because a couple at church has the best hill for sledding. We had a blast sledding there about a week ago. They even have a pulley to bring you up the hill (although it wasn't working the day we went). So, all in all, we are pressing on. Elise is almost half way done with Algebra 2, and then for math I only have Geometry left to teach her. So, the days of pressing on become years, and here we are with a high schooler. She and Stan will probably graduate the same year. Class of 2013!

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  1. Unbelievable ... can't believe Elise is going to graduate from HS in 3 years!

    Hang in there ... every day gets us a little closer to spring. :)