Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spelling, spelling, and more spelling!

John placed 8th out of 15 spellers at the regional spelling bee! Way to go, John!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Overpopulation or Population Implosion?

Here is another excellent Issues, Etc. program. The topic? America's Population Implosion. Yes, you read that correctly, "Implosion." I find it curious that with many hot button topics, we hear the ramifications and reasoning behind one side of the issue, but we don't often hear the full story from people on the other side of the issue. This is one of those issues. Ever since I was a child, I remember hearing about "overpopulation." It frightened me somewhat. Here is the other side. If you are a person who does not want to have children, you can still listen without fear of being shamed. The guest, Jonathan Last, states clearly that he is not trying to talk people into having kids if they don't want to. He is, however, offering some intelligent observations about the consequences of our fertility rate, which is below replacement rate.