Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Unfortunate Turkey

Here is a story that my 9 year old daughter wrote: Once there was a turkey named Tom. He lived on the Burgan Farm. It was 3 days before Thanksgiving Day, and he knew what that meant: death for all turkeys. He hated the tradition of having turkey for Thanksgiving. Tom hid inside the barn, hoping not to be noticed. His stomach rumbled. He was hungry. He saw some feed on the ground and ate it. “No one will find me here, I hope,” Tom thought anxiously. 2 days passed. Tom forgot that there was one more day until Thanksgiving. “Ha! I fooled them that time!!!” Tom thought. He came out of hiding, snickering to himself. Before he knew it, Farmer Burgan was chasing him around the barn. “COME BACK HERE, YOU SNEAKY TURKEY!!!” Farmer Burgan shouted. Tom was beginning to tire. He rested inside the barn. “AHA! THERE you are!” said a voice. It was Farmer Burgan! And no one ever heard from Tom the Turkey again. Moral: ALWAYS COUNT THE DAYS UNTIL AFTER THANKSGIVING IF YOU’RE A TURKEY.

Watch the Grammar

Jesus came to “seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10). Notice the subject of that sentence: Jesus. He does the seeking. What an amazing truth. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Since we are all born lost, we can correctly say that Jesus came to seek and save me, or that He came to seek and save you. WARNING: Do not make yourself the subject of the sentence, such as, “I sought Jesus so He could save me.” Salvation does not depend on the movement of our will towards God, but on Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection for us, given to us in our baptism. (“ saves you” 1 Peter 3:21). He gives us the faith through His Word to believe in Him. The initiative is God’s alone. You can rest your eternal salvation on that.