Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Pictures of Our Home...

In this batch we have the kids' rooms (we found Elise's comforter set free at the clothing co-op at the seminary. It looks great with her 4 post bed!). We also have Lindsay's desk that she made out of a flat box, complete with drawers, made with no assistance from us. The younger girls have had a blast with the boxes, which are on the side of their room not in the picture. I tried taking pictures of their other creations (such as a clubhouse), but the pictures just didn't do them justice. Lindsay wanted to let everyone know that she made a telescope holder for the clubhouse.
The whole house was repainted a nice neutral color before we moved in, so we are trying to be conservative about how many pictures we hang, since we will only be here a couple of years. We are so thankful to be here, and it feels like home now that the pictures are hung and boxes are either unpacked or stashed away!


  1. The house looks great! You have been one busy lady. I'm impressed!

  2. Stan, isn't the nightstand by Elise's bed the one from your childhood? The four poster was from Aunt Hazel, as you probably remember. Elaine used it before she went away to college. Elise, your room looks very nice!