Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ice Cream Social... country style!

Today we prepped for the big annual church ice cream social. This church may be small, but when it comes to ice cream socials, they do it up big and do it right! The ladies and gents pooled their talents and made approximately 40 gallons of homemade vanilla ice cream. Stan was helping with manning the ice cream freezers, and Elise helped in the kitchen by keeping talley of the number of the "finished" ice cream containers coming in from outside and the individual quarts that were packed. This, by the way, is going to be a fundraiser for a mission project in Africa.

So how do you make 40 gallons of ice cream in one afternoon? Well, for starters, you start collecting ingredients way in advance and have LOTS of help lined up. Ice cream production started at 2PM and finished at 6 PM, just in time for the Wednesday evening dinner before church service. We had about 16 people working together. It also helps if you have eight electric ice cream freezers going simultaneously. Roughly 67 cups of sugar were used. For those familiar with making homemade ice cream, making one six quart freezer container alone requires a fair amount of crushed ice and salt; we mixed up about 26 of those babies although I didn't keep track how much ice and salt we used.

Stan and Elise worked at the church for approximately 4 hours. But boy, did that work pay off; those ice cream samples were a hit! Pictures to be posted later. :-)

Here are some additional tools that come in handy for making that much ice cream:

- 2 gigantic heavy duty plastic tubs (about 3 ft. in diameter).
- three large (double layer) "canvas" bags (roughly the size of lawn-size trash bags).
- 4' x 8' piece of 1/2" steel plate
- one tractor equipped with a backhoe
- a couple of pairs of welding gloves.

OK... here's the puzzler, folks: What were these tools used for???

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