Thursday, September 30, 2010

How We are this Fall

I have been meaning to take a nice photo of our school books, or take a photo of the kids doing their schoolwork. It hasn't happened, and if I keep waiting it won't happen. So, encouraged by my friend's listing of random thoughts, I will give you a not-so-polished update.

First, the fall weather is beautiful, and there are so many things to do! There always seems to be a fair or festival around here.

John and Lindsay started in homeschool choir at the seminary, which meets weekly on the day we go into town to shop at the seminary. After choir, Elise has her organ lesson. The associate kantor from the seminary teaches choir and Elise's organ lessons.

John and Lindsay are back to their piano lessons on a weekly basis, which are going well. Elise plays the piano on her own, and I am trying to get myself organized to continue teaching Bethany (we did a little piano last year). Someone always wants on the piano, which is a good thing!

It is fun for me to see how the kids have all matured since the last school year. Elise (10th grade) is in geometry this year, so the end is in sight since she has already taken Algebra 1 and 2! Not sure what the next step will be for math for her, since she does not want to take calculus and I do not think I should teach that anyway (I did take it in college, which was a painful experience that required hiring a tutor). John is in 6th grade (middle school!); Lindsay is in 4th. Bethany is in first grade; since school has been a part of the family since she was born, transitioning her into more book work hasn't been difficult.

I am currently reading the kids the Little House books. We are on These Happy Golden Years. Reading to the kids is one of my favorite parts of the day!

Stan is of course busy with his classes. He has Greek Readings, Liturgics II, Pauline Epistles, Catechetics, and Lutheranism since 1965. He was invited to preach at a friend's church on October 17, and will preach at Zion on Reformation day. I am looking forward to hearing his next sermon.

We miss our friends who moved away from the seminary, but have enjoyed meeting several new families. I have 2 "little seminary sisters" who also homeschool their children; we have had fun getting together and letting the kids play. Speaking of moving away, if Stan's classes go as planned, we will be receiving our vicarage assingment in less than 220 days! We do not know where we will be assigned until the day the seminary formally announces it. Somewhat nerve-racking, but we are in God's hands and I am excited to find out what the next step will be.

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