Sunday, September 26, 2010

Civil War Days

Discussing the various bugle calls and drum rolls used. Four soldiers slept in that small tent.

This weekend we attended Civil War Days in Angola, IN with a fellow homeschool family. My friend lent us our outfits, and even made the dresses that Elise and I wore.
There were many authentic reenactments. I learned that a soapstone (which is a stone cut into the shape of a cutting board) was used not only as a cutting board, but also as a knife sharpener, bed warmer, and seat warmer for cold buggy rides.
Saturday night we attended the dance, which I think is more fun than any homecoming dance I attended in high school. Young and old dancing together to the fiddler, mixing as they follow the directions of the caller. And no, I didn't take any pictures-I would rather dance! I also enjoyed looking at the gorgeous hoopskirt evening gowns. It was like being at a prom from150 years ago. I am definitely hooked on old-fashioned dances.

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