Sunday, January 15, 2012

What's Happening with the Palmers

Since I didn't send out a Christmas letter, I thought I would give a short update here. We stayed here for Christmas; since Stan is a vicar this year he is directly a pastor-in-training, and pastors do not get holidays off! We had a nice Christmas here, holding our annual waffle party with our dear friends who have become like family to us. We enjoyed the various services offered at church throughout the Advent and Christmas season. We had our own family Christmas here in the late afternoon after Stan was finished with his vicar duties of the day (that was a long time to wait to open presents, but the kids are old enough to be up to the challenge). Stan continues to enjoy his work very much, which we are thankful for. Homeschool is coming along nicely, although the end is in sight for my oldest student/daughter. What's up with the kids: Elise: continues her organist position at an area LCMS church, and likes it a lot. She will be taking the ACT and SAT soon, and will be finishing her homeschool work this year. Then it will be time to take classes at a local college. It's hard to believe. John: is playing basketball with our homeschool group, and continues to enjoy his piano. He accompanied the children who sang in the Christmas program. He also won our homeschool group's spelling bee, and will advance to the local level in February. Lindsay: is enjoying her piano, books, science, and any outside time she can get. We haven't had much snow, and she can't wait to go sledding! Bethany: started piano in the fall, and tries to keep up with her siblings. She likes school a lot, as well as playing chess with her brother (or on Dad's laptop). Stan's vicarage will last until August. As much as we miss our family and friends back home, this is home for us now (or perhaps I should say, for now). I am thankful to feel at home here, and glad that my family is settled. God will lead us to the next place. We will keep you updated on the adventures of the Palmer family!

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