Thursday, August 11, 2011

For the Record...

Just in case my non-Lutheran readers wonder, "What's up with all of this talk about Martin Luther?" Here are a few things to set the record straight:

1. We don't think that Martin Luther is infallible. In fact, the only things he wrote that confessional Lutherans agree on are the writings contained in the Book of Concord. We don't think they are inspired, but are a correct explanation of the Scriptures.

2. Luther was a sinner/saint, just like every other Christian. Lutherans can, and do dislike and disagree with some things that he wrote (outside of our Confessions).

3. God worked through Luther to bring to light the blessed truth of the Gospel, which has been obscured by many of the practices of the church during his time. He was a doctor of theology, and many of his writings are very helpful and comforting to Christians of all time periods.

Here are Luther's words about the use of his name:
What is Luther? After all, the teaching is not mine. Neither was I crucified for anyone...But if you are convinced that Luther's teaching is in accord with the gospel...then you should not discard Luther so completely, lest with him you discard also his teaching, which you nevertheless recognize as Christ's teaching. You should rather say: Whether Luther is a rascal or a saint I do not care; his teaching is not his, but Christ's. Martin Luther (Luther's Works, American Edition 45:70-71; 36:265)

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  1. Love that quote. I had heard that he was against having a branch of the church named after him. Interesting stuff.